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Carrier Grade Phone Services we offer

Aannex Telecom Service

Aannex Telecom provides turnkey, hosted telephony solutions to broadband service providers across the country. We provide a best-in-class digital platform and a suite of products that includes long distance, SIP trunking and wireless mobile calling for both residential and business services. All of our products are available "a-la-cart" and as turnkey solutions that we can customize.

One of our strengths is our ability to work with our subscribers to bundle features and functionality to customize products and in some cases test the market with new product strategy.

Our Telephony Services platform contains all the components required to deliver carrier grade phone service to residential and business customers across Canada and USA. These Telephony Services are delivered to our subscribers over our broadband network.

We have invested millions of dollars and more than seven years developing and proving our platform in the marketplace to be low cost, high service for our customers.

Our Telephony Services Platform is designed to put all the control in the hands of our subscribers.