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Digital Phone Terminals

In order to maintain service quality and device auto-configuration we perform extensive interoperability testing on any and all end points that access our phone network.

Digital Phone Lines

Aannex's system provides to our subscribers "digital phone" line products. Digital lines are constructed using our connectivity component along with an Inventory of DIDs and a calling area, which further specifies the local calling region.

The standard components of digital lines are:




Public PSTN telephone numbers.
Phone lines can contain multiple telephone numbers
Access to partners and suppliers Inventory of telephone numbers


The internal transport and routing of telephone traffic to and from public PSTN networks and the Internet. This includes the FREE aspect of Peer-to-Peer calling.


Registration of subscriber service address and access to Emergency Services Dispatch

Calling Features

The following features are available for this offering:

Message Waiting

(with stutter tone)

Call Waiting

Caller ID

Caller Name

Call Forwarding

Call Transfer

Do Not Disturb

Three Way Calling


Call Return

Call Back on Busy

Call Blocking with Toll Restriction

Distinctive Ringing (roadmap)

Speed Dialling

Music on Hold (roadmap)

Call Block and Unblock

Off-hook Warning Tone

Anonymous Call Rejection

Enhanced Voicemail

Local Calling Zone

Select from A-Z prebuilt local calling areas (more can be defined) that define the phone lineís local area. Defines what is long distance. Local calls are FREE.

Phone lines can contain multiple local calling areas. (i.e. Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver)


Common codec availability is.

G.711, G.711u, G.729a, G.729b, G.722


Add-on service: support for T.38 Fax can be configured as an optional second line or stand-alone

Toll Free

Add-on service: requires additional 18xx DID

Calling Plan Services

Aannex continues to supply various types of long distance packages. We also develop custom packages upon request. Termination sold by itself is considered a "No - Calling plan". By default if termination is not covered under the calling plan it defaults to the partner's standard A to Z termination pricing.

Calling can be based on per second calculations. Some plans are constructed so that there is a minimum of 60 seconds on each call. Calling plans are defined based on the terminating NPA NXX, hence each plan consists of inclusions and exclusions of calling areas. Plans may also include or exclude mobile telephone numbers.

The following are some typical calling plans:

Calling Plan Type


Casual Calling

Standard partner A-Z termination (rate deck).

Fixed Minutes

A specified number of minutes are included for specified calling areas. Un used minutes do not rollover.

Heavy Use

There are no limits for calling into the eligible calling areas. These plans are subject to fair use policies.

* In unlimited plans, costs are generally higher because there is the potential of high risk over exposure and abuse in calling. The costs are determined based on Aannexís factoring formulae. Partners have a fixed cost and no risk.

Economical Heavy Use

There are no limits for the destination plan; however, calls that are outside the specified callings areas are billed at a fixed price rather than from the A-Z standard rate deck.

SIP Plus

A SIP trunk can be viewed as essentially what used to be a business telephone line, or a group of telephone lines over a broadband (Internet) connection. SIP Trunk has become a viable and cost effective alternative to legacy (TDM PRI and analog lines).

A SIP Trunk connects a company's PBX to the telephone network over the Internet. There are significant benefits to customers compared with the legacy connections. It can reduce cost by replacing the expensive T1 or PRI services with lower cost SIP trunks. This service will also allow end customers to take advantage of VoIP while utilizing current CPE Equipment. The customerís existing phone number, and hardware can stay the same. There is minimal disruption to customerís existing network infrastructure.

The SIP Trunk product offering details are as follow:



SIP+ Trunk

Is the equivalent of 1 VoIP business line


Single DID with the ability to add more;

2 concurrent calls and up to 4 SIP accounts per trunk

Calling Plans

Includes 2000 minutes per trunk pooled for the number of total accounts

Calling Features

Caller-ID, Enhance Voicemail in addition to PBX voicemail, Call forwarding, Anonymous call blocking, Anonymous outbound calls, Do not disturb, 411, E911, Access to eCare online management tool for end-consumers.

Additional Services

TPhone Mobile Applications

Additional DID

411 directory support

SIP Trunks are cheaper than analog circuits while maintaining business quality voice service. The following are several advantages of using SIP trunks over traditional telephony services:

  • Instant Cost Savings from economical local and long distance offerings
  • Further LD savings from the pooled LD minutes from multiple SIP trunks
  • Eliminates the need for costly ISDN BRIs (Basic Rate Interfaces) or PRIs (Primary Rate Interfaces) telephony equipment cost
  • Operates without geographic telephone number constraints
  • Preserves existing legacy system capabilities with seamless integration
  • Adding capacity as needed is easy and controls monthly recurring costs. When additional extensions or SIP trunks are required they can be purchased incrementally, on an as-needed basis, compared to PRI (23 channels)
  • Faster turnaround and service up time for SIP trunk
  • SIP trunk affords a much more efficient use of resources