T-Phone App Details and Rates

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For our Existing Phone Customers

What is T-Phone ?

  • TPhone is a phone service using the Aannex voice network and enables voice calling from your smartphone without accessing the cellular network
  • TPhone is mobile wireless VoIP
  • The TPhone service is provided through the mobile app from Aannex Telecom for iPhone, Android and Blackberry, and uses SIP as the signaling protocol
  • This app is a generic Aannex brand offered to all of our Partners
  • TPhone can be shared with an Aannex Telecom landline and long distance plan
  • Sharing makes your mobile phone an extension of your home phone
  • TPhone can also be used in standalone mode, independent of any other service

How does T-Phone work ?

  • TPhone sends voice transmissions as packets over the Internet to the Aannex switch which then routes the call to the intended party
  • TPhone can make calls to any cellular, landline or other SIP based phones (mobile, desktop, tablet, TV etc)
  • Calls can be made and received anywhere in the world where VoIP traffic is allowed
  • Calls are made and received over Wi-Fi almost anywhere in the world
  • Calls are made and received using a cellular data plan almost anywhere in the world
  • TPhone does not operate over the cellular voice network
  • TPhone does not require an ATA
  • Local calling zones and long distance plans are applicable to TPhone


  • Requires a home phone service from a Aannex Partner
  • This service can be shared with multiple devices running the TPhone app:
    • Smartphones (iPhone, Android, Blackberry)
    • Other SIP devices (IP Phones, Tablets, PC/MAC Softphones)
  • All registered devices share the home phone service plan: Voicemail, long distance, local calling area
  • When your number is called, all active devices registered with the home phone will ring, regardless of where you are
  • TPhone makes your Smartphone an extension of you home phone
  • TPhone shared service will allow you to make calls while travelling, eliminating long distance and roaming costs
  • A small monthly incremental fee applies


  • No home phone service or ATA is required
  • Keep your existing cellular number
  • Reduce your cellular service plan and take advantage of TPhone calling
  • TPhone standalone can be provided with or without a DID
    • WITH a DID, this number is shown as the calling number
    • WITHOUT a DID, the cell phone number can be shown as the calling number
  • Choose your calling zone
  • Choose your preferred long distance plan
  • Can also be shared with multiple devices
  • A monthly fee applies depending on options selected

T-Phone Pricing
  • Shared
  • Standalone

Note : Prices above assume LD is usage based, does not include long distance plans or local access fees


    • For all new TPhone subscribers during Aannex's 2012 launch period
    • 2 months 1/2 price TPhone, excluding LD usage
    • TPhone Shared, Existing Home Phone User
    • 50% reduction in TPhone monthly service fee
    • TPhone Shared, New Home Phone User
    • Same promo as being offered to new home phone subscriber
    • TPhone Standalone
    • Same promo as being offered to new home phone subscriber

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