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Annnex Service Packages

Careforce Packages - Enjoy guaranteed on-site response time, no dispatch fee, and exclusive member services such as discounted Careforce Depot and Careforce Online instant remote support.

AANNEX Care Freedom :

A complete site management package, this service option frees you from daily management of your I.T. operation. For a fixed monthly fee, the AANNEX support team takes care of every aspect of your I.T. Infrastructure, from problem resolution to strategic planning, without your direct involvement. You will meet with your dedicated technical consultant once a month to discuss all pertinent information about your I.T. operation. This is a true cost saving alternative to hiring your own I.T. manager and to keep your budget in check.


Great for those of you who desire regular computer support. A completely flexible alternative to obtain ongoing computer services. You buy a package of service credit, and have full control on how and when you want to use it. Working with your dedicated team of consultants is like having your own I.T. department: involved and experienced technical and business professionals that can help improve your profitability by increasing productivity, not by adding personnel. One that streamlines operations and processes to become more flexible and more responsive - not only to your customers and suppliers, but internally as well. We offer five packages, the bigger your commitment, the greater the savings.

Service package

Actual Value

Client Discounted Price


AANNEX Care 6    ( 1 resource for 6 hours )




AANNEX Care 12    ( 1 resource for 12 hours )

$ 1200

$ 1140

$ 60

AANNEX Care 30    ( 1 resource for 30 hours )

$ 3,000

$ 2,500

$ 500

AANNEX Care 60    ( 1 resource for 60 hours )

$ 6,000

$ 5,000

$ 1,000

AANNEX Care 120    ( 1 resource for 120 hours )

$ 12,000

$ 9,000

$ 3,000

AANNEX Care QuickFix :

Top notch problem solvers on call. Technical support service is available on-site when you need it. Our technician arrives at your office within 48 hours. Great for one-time problem resolution. Rate: $110 /hour with a minimum charge for one hour plus a flat $50 dispatch fee.

AANNEX Care Depot :

Bring your computer to our office and meet with one of our in-house technicians. We will diagnose and resolve your problem in our lab, usually within 48 hours. We'll even help you move your computer. Good for stand alone computers with problems determined to be independent of your network. You benefit from a discounted rate of $60 per hour. This service is available to all customers.

AANNEX Care Online :

For as low as $12.00, get minor problems fixed without the cost of bringing your technician on-site. We can work on your server remotely to rectify problems that do not require on-site inspection, in 6 minutes increment and with no minimum charge. No special software or hardware is needed on your part. This service is available to AANNEX Care members only.

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