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We are Enterprise Cloud-Computing ConsultantsAANNEX is a rapidly growing consultancy firm. Founded in 2005, we provide consulting services to migrate enterprise customers to the hyper-scale cloud Services provider. We specialize in organization-wide cloud strategy, roadmap, assessment, transformation, migration, implementation, day to day operation support (IaaS, PaaS & SaaS), AIML, IoT and DevOps enablement for a wide range of industries, including financial services, healthcare, aviation, media, and telecommunications. We work with some of the largest and most security-conscious organizations worldwide to help them unlock innovation through cloud computing. Your IT environment is more central to your business processes than ever before. You don't need to be reminded that IT environment outages and security lapses can be devastating. You need a technology partner that can help your business get the most out of its network and keep it up and running 24 x 7 x 365.

Our Expertise

The AANNEX Solutions Consulting team is composed of experienced and certified engineers and technicians with areas of expertise ranging from LAN/WAN design to network security, to business process development and technology implementation. Our engineers routinely handle:


IT Infrastructure Services

Better business outcomes through IT infrastructure outsourcing. Business growth comes from a relentless focus on customers and business innovation, and IT must do its part. When it comes to the IT infrastructure that makes the business run, that means three things: shift spending from operations to innovation, enable agility and manage risk. AANNEX Technologies IT Infrastructure Services help you do that. We bring expertise, automation, and our best shore delivery model to drive down costs. We provide flexible, adaptive technology and multiple sourcing options to help you respond to changing business demands. We enable compliance, security, and business continuity to reduce risk. And when you need to move quickly on new initiatives, we back you up with our team of experts and our technology partnerships.


AANNEX has experience in designing, building, operating IT systems, and supporting them on a global scale within Europe, Asia, The USA, The Middle East and South America. The world is shrinking, and we are now operating on a global level. Whatever your requirements, be it near of far then AANNEX can and will deliver the right IT systems and operations to fit and deliver you the returns you require and expect. AANNEX understand that working on a global level needs skill beyond technology and we excel at that. It is dealing with other cultures and managing them appropriately that makes AANNEX stand out from the crowd. We offer a spectrum of Infrastructure Management Services that enable our clients to reduce IT overheads and improve their efficiencies while gaining access to a range of skills at a minimal cost. With enriched experience in Industry standard Infrastructure Management tools such as Network Monitoring, Server Monitoring, Application Monitoring, IP Traffic Metering and Profiling and Service Desk tools, we can bring on to client’s desk not just real time information on the incidents, alerts, and events but also efficient responses and resolution to all events and breakdowns.

Remote Infrastructure Service

We provide end-to-end services that operate, maintain and monitor client’s IT infrastructure and cover the entire span of IT Infrastructure right from application management to storage management. Our services help our clients in mitigating risks; optimize their IT infrastructure, gain access to niche skills improve response-times and improve their business efficiencies.

AANNEX offers the following Remote Infrastructure Services:

  • Desktop Management

  • Server Management

  • Application Management

  • icloud Management


Enterprise Application Services

Your company needs to focus on its core businessnot on a complicated IT environment. With multiple vendors providing your software and hardware systems, or cloud-based services, you have no idea who to call when a problem arises. This complexity prevents your IT department from focusing on company innovations; instead, they are bogged down in the inefficiencies.

Enterprise Applications Services handles your Microsoft Dynamics, CRM, Oracle and SAP software packages. This can be done in your own data center, in hosted or outsourced environments, and in the cloud. One phone call to our experts provides your company with an end-to-end solution to meet your needs, right where you are. After an initial assessment, we help you implement new software or upgrade existing applications. Once your system is running effectively, we offer you a management option allowing you to wholly focus on your business while we take care of headaches that arise with your software.

Enterprise Application Hosting Services

Your company needs to run critical applications to survive, but the cost of provisioning and maintaining your IT infrastructure hurts the bottom line. You can choose to upgrade to remove concerns about application security, reliability and performance to alleviate the burden and drive better bottom-line results With AANNEX Enterprise Application Hosting, our specialized experts run your critical applications infrastructure for you, protecting your critical data and ensuring its availability when and where you need it.

Your company is looking for a way to reduce the complexity of its IT environment while dealing with the struggles of application modernization. You also want to make sure your applications are available and responsive. How are you going to accomplish these goals with declining budgets and increasing pressure to perform? Increase your speed to market by focusing on your main business; and rest assured knowing your vital infrastructure is in capable hands with AANNEX Technologies.

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Enterprise Application Services for Oracle

How transparent is your system? Can you see all you need to? Does your Oracle software package benefit your company the way you expect it to? Or, are your employees forced to waste time and money due to inefficiencies or an inaccurate implementation?

Oracle software is the lifeblood of your company; you rely on it to handle everything from your payroll and financial statements to tracking your customers. To improve operations, you need systems to run smoothly and efficiently. This becomes more difficult with rising IT department costs and system complexities.

AANNEX Enterprise Applications Services for Oracle removes complexity and inefficiencies from your system so you can take full advantage of the functionality of your Oracle software.

We provide full lifecycle services and support for the following Oracle applications:

  • E-Business Suite

  • Fusion Middleware

  • JD Edwards

  • PeopleSoft

  • Siebel


Application Management Services

With 70 to 80 percent of IT budgets being spent just to maintain operations, legacy application support is eating up funds that could be invested in applications for business growth. Lack of visibility and control make this situation worse: you cannot manage what you cannot see. IT cannot identify the number of applications it supports or the cost, value, owner, and current activity of an individual application. So, it can only treat every single application equally, supporting them all at the same level. The cost is huge.

Applications Management Services offers managed services support for select software applications or an entire portfolio, including custom, off-the-shelf, and enterprise applications. We help you shift your application investments from maintenance to innovation. We do it by giving you clarity and choice to specify the correct support for each application. You can use the resulting 15 to 40 percent savings to drive innovation for your changing business needs.

Network Management Services

(a) Network Services

AANNE's Networking Services is a set of managed services that helps your network meet the needs of your business. We update your network to the latest, most flexible technologies. We transform it to handle all your voice and data communications needs. We enhance application performance for collaboration, video and other services. We secure the network against attack. And we monitor and maintain it on an ongoing basis.

Many networks suffer from neglect. Designed years ago to be cohesive and flexible, they have grown into a hodgepodge of disparate technologies. Many are locked into a single vendor driving up costs. Advances require new skills. Next steps seem to end in mid air.

We envision a network that is open and flexible. It is a platform for the communications and collaboration needed by 21st century business. It is designed on an open architecture and built for performance. And it is less expensive to maintain. If you share that vision, it is time to get started.

Your company is looking for a way to reduce the complexity of its IT environment while dealing with the struggles of application modernization. You also want to make sure your applications are available and responsive. How are you going to accomplish these goals with declining budgets and increasing pressure to perform? Increase your speed to market by focusing on your main business; and rest assured knowing your vital infrastructure is in capable hands with AANNEX Technologies.

(b) Network Application Services

Network Application Services are network monitoring and consulting services to identify and correct the cause of slow application response seen by users. Users invariably report, "The network is slow." In fact, the problem could be with the network, or it could lie in the application server, a database server or even in the application code itself.

With Network Application Services, we deploy monitors into your network at critical points. We collect and analyze data to identify the cause of slow response. If the problem is in the network, we recommend changes to improve response time. If the problem is not the network, we show you where it isright down to the server or the offending application code.

While solving performance problems is good, preventing them is better. Network Application Services can also use modeling to predict the effects of planned network changes or application additions. The result isbetter service for business users and less time spent pointing fingers within IT.

(c) Network Transformation Services

Economic pressures have forced many businesses to put off investing in refreshing their network infrastructure. At some point, transforming your network is not optional, it's imperative. Systems start to break down; your network isn't able to support some of the latest technologies, or it becomes terribly expensive to keep up and running.

Whatever the impetus, network transformation presents new opportunities to improve efficiencies, lower cost of operations and tap into new technology that could benefit your business.

(d) Network Security Services

AANNEX's Network Security Services protects your network and the systems connected to it from attack. The security systems we provide keep unauthorized users, devices and content off the network. They detect malicious traffic and alert security managers to suspect activity. They identify and authenticate authorized users and control what they can access. And they filter web content to prevent user access to unauthorized or dangerous web sites.

The price of a security breach is high with attacks costing $7 million on average. And that doesn't include damage to brand and loss of customer confidence when corporate or customer information is compromised.

Network Security Services replaces the disparate security tools and patches that have grown up in your network with a comprehensive, effective network security infrastructure. Then we manage it for you. We keep the system up to date, we ensure that is operating, and we test its effectiveness. That means peace of mind for you, and your customers.

Storage Management Services

Data growth can lead to complicated storage infrastructures, posing new challenges for IT managers. With data storage requirements growing exponentially, enterprises are moving to network-centric storage models to keep its data safe. But the real task is to manage the storage despite its challenges. Managing this rapid growth in data requires a more sophisticated storage management solution, one that helps you understand, classify, protect, and retain your data according to its purpose and value. AANNEX has extensive expertise in providing leading edge storage products for pioneering storage companies.Your company is looking for a way to reduce the complexity of its IT environment while dealing with the struggles of application modernization. You also want to make sure your applications are available and responsive. How are you going to accomplish these goals with declining budgets and increasing pressure to perform? Increase your speed to market by focusing on your main business; and rest assured knowing your vital infrastructure is in capable hands with AANNEX Technologies.

Advantages over Storage Management are:

  • Data zero repetition

  • Automated file management

  • Virtualized environment

  • Consolidated storage

  • DOD level disks sanitization on storage sub system.


Database Management Services

DBMS (Database Management Systems) is the Process of converting unstructured data into a well-defined structured format that is exact, total and dependable. The basic aim of database management is to manage and up-to-date database without any problem. There are many different types of DBMSs, starting from small systems, which run on individual computers to the huge systems, which run on mainframes. Some information might not appear to be of any use at the first sight but can be turned significantly crucial once it is presented in a user-friendly way. The information from a database can be recovered in a variety of formats. Our service on Database Management includes Analysis, System requirement specification and Diagram.

Security Management Services

Application Security services

It is easy to take your business applications for granted. They tend to be ultra-dependable, always on, and available everywhere. So, keeping them safe is a priority for any business, right?

Maybe. Some think theyhave got things under control. Others are not so sure, but may be short on money or know-how to ensure protection. That could be why a study of 30,000 websites found that 85 percent had vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit to read, modify, or transmit data.

But securing your IT environment isnot just about protection. It energizes your business by allowing easy exchange of services and information among customers and employees. And it opens new ways to do business if you can secure them.

That is what AANNEX Application Security Services are for. These managed and consulting services assess your application security environment, correct flaws, and offer expert guidance for better design and operation, whether you were building new applications or trying to protect existing ones.

End Point Security Services

As an IT manager, it is your job to make sure your company is protected from dangerous and malicious attacks. Unfortunately, the creators of viruses, worms, spyware, and other forms of malicious code are all trying to keep ahead of you and your security systems. And it doesnot help the situation when they are trying to attack you at arguably your weakest point, our end point devices.

Your servers, printers, laptops, mobile and imaging devices are under attack, protect them so your employees can still work with flexibility. AANNEXs End Point Security Services protect your company against vulnerabilities and helps develop controls to secure your environment.

You need to manage risks while keeping spending under control. How comfortable do you feel about the explosion of internet-enabled mobile phones used by your organizations employees? Are you securing IP-enabled printers? How do you plan to protect the devices within your company?


Risk Management and Compliance

All companies face security risks. Sometimes these are physical risks like the possibility of a burst pipe in your data center, but most security risks involve your critical information. You need to stay one step ahead to protect your company or organization, its brand, data and reputation. Without knowing where you are before an attack, you cannot be sure you are ready to defend your organization.

Risk Management and Compliance Services evaluate your company’s current status and uncover ways to better protect your shareholders and your customers.


They do so through:

  • Identifying vulnerabilities and threats and quantifying and managing risk

  • Defining appropriate security controls and governance

  • Supporting compliance requirements

  • Training personnel in security awareness

Through understanding where you stand and through strong governance processes, you can close vulnerabilities and protect well your organization.

Data Center Services

Data Center is a crucial aspect of most organizational operations. One of the main concerns is business continuity; companies rely on their information systems to run their operations. The data center stores not only servers but also routers and switches that help the servers to communicate with one another. It offers high availability and business continuity. When one server fails, the others take over, providing you a seamless experience. One of the biggest benefits of the data center is its scalability. It accommodates all the changes as a business grows.

AANNEX offers a broad range of Data Center services include planning, designing, engineering, constructing, monitoring, and maintaining data centers that integrate, 'best-of-breed', critical infrastructure technologies. The result is an always available, scalable, redundant, fault-tolerant, manageable, and maintainable data center environment.

Datacenter Build

Datacenter Deploy

Manage Datacenter

Maintain Datacenter


Datacenter Modernization and Transformation Services

Data Center Modernization Services is a consulting service that analyzes your data center or IT infrastructure, helping you plan, implement and transition to a more efficient infrastructure solution. Whether it is in your own facilities or in HP, IBM, Bell, TELUS leveraged data centers, we create a simplified and more agile IT environment that can respond to changing market conditions. When you look at your data center, do you see hundreds of servers, using countless kilowatt-hours of power, costing your company thousands? If so, your center may need a makeover. The average utilization rate of a server is only about 15 percent. But you do not purchase a machine to only use 15 percent; you buy it to use 100 percent.

How many versions of software are you running? What are the licensing fees of these programs? If your data center is running on different platforms due to mergers or acquisitions, you need to increase cohesiveness. You must operate as one company and you want your systems to do the same.

Our Data Center Transformation Services experts will perform anextreme makeover on your environment. By modernizing your IT infrastructure and consolidating your data center operations your efficiency will increase saving you money.

We can help your company:

  • Increase your energy and space efficiency.

  • Break down server, storage, network silos and decrease physical footprint.

  • Ensure business continuity with global support 24x7x365.

  • Provision a fast infrastructure from weeks to minutes.

  • DOD level disks sanitization on storage sub system.


Expert Services

As organizations mature, their IT infrastructure requirements increase and grow beyond plain vanilla IT infrastructure solutions. At AANNEX, we offer comprehensive fully managed, cost-effective, and wholly customized expert solutions that meet the high-end needs of growing organizations.

Our breadth and depth of services help client to implement and manage their infrastructure effectively, thereby cutting costs and improved efficiencies.

With offerings ranging from enabling client to run multiple virtual machines on a single physical machine, analyzing their application performance, to a range of SOA monitoring and security management services, we ensure that client get the maximum out of their IT infrastructure.


We offer the following services.

  • Increase your energy and space AAA Services (Application Assurance Analyzer).

  • Virtualization

  • SOA Monitoring

  • ITIL Services

  • Exchange Services

Exchange Services helps your enterprise integrate with vendors, customers, and other external partners. AANNEX provides the mechanisms and the infrastructure to support key business-to-business activities such as the order-to-cash, procure-to-pay, Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and Collaborative Planning and Forecasting (CPFR) processes. You know that such communications are the lifeblood of your business disconnections between you and your suppliers or customers can literally shut your operations down.

Our Business Exchange Services provide the right level of visibility and intelligence for processes so you and your partners can make better decisions. We connect your trading community efficiently and let you bring trading partners on fast. Our full management service can take care of the process from end to end; we call partners, test and integrate so they are ready to work together. And use-based fees make this solution scalable as well as cost-effective.

System Integration Services

Systems Integration Services provides consulting, custom development and integration services to bring your IT services up to date with modern architectures and platforms.

We transform your IT strategy, architecture and governance policies to better align with your business goals. We modernize your applications to create a streamlined, agile environment that adapts quickly to business needs. We use service-oriented architecture (SOA) to implement fundamental business functions and assemble them into business processes. We help you implement and use cloud services. And we create self-service portals that improve employee productivity and connect you with customers and partners.

Systems Integrations Services helps you overcome the limitations of outdated, inflexible application systems so you can better meet emerging business needs.

System Integration Services

Value Added Services

Going beyond the basic Infrastructure Management Services, we offer value added services that can help increase the return on their IT investments. Aligning with the latest technologies, we focus on client's technical and business objectives and bring in our expertise to help client leverage their IT assets to gain upward business momentum.

With solutions that ensure business continuity and efficiency, our Value Added Services can help mitigate risks and insure client’s IT Infrastructure in the event of uncertainty and disaster.

Our Consultants with extensive experience in the Infrastructure Management space bring with them specialized skills and industry expertise to streamline their processes and bring client significant competitive advantage.


AANNEX offers the following list of value-added services.

  • Transition Services

  • Cloud Infrastructure

  • Backup & Recovery

  • Environment Monitoring

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