Cloud Engineering

Optimize Cloud Environments by Automating Workloads

Our Expertise

Cloud engineering services are at the center of Digital Transformation as they are not just implementation and delivery platforms but also enable companies to be more agile and thrive in their digital transformation journey. With easy access to data and new ways to view, analyze and automate information flow, the cloud has created powerful new capabilities for businesses to scale on-demand anywhere in the world.

Transform your products and services by leveraging the scale, agility and pay as you go service models as benefits of Cloud computing.

AANNEX's Cloud engineering practice offers reliable capabilities to re-shot, re-platform, re-factor, re-architect, and build new products and services using Cloud-native services. Our vast portfolio of solution enablers from device to Cloud, Cloud based media solutions, and SaaS enablement frameworks help businesses to build quality products and services quicker.

With over a decade of Cloud engineering experience and strong alliance partnerships, AANNEX has steered several clients in their Cloud transformation journey.

Hybrid Cloud Data center design

Ready to use service catalogues.

Ready to use service catalogues.

Federation services for multi clouds

Federation services for multi clouds

Rapid Deployment Kit / Software Appliance

Rapid Deployment Kit / Software Appliance

Migration accelerators for workload movement from Private to Public cloud

Migration accelerators for workload movement from Private to Public cloud

Automated blueprinting based on existing environment.

Automated blueprinting based on existing environment.

Self-healing capabilities

Self-healing capabilities

How do we make
it possible?

Managed Platform for Adaptive Cloud with Cloud Lifecycle Management, Cost Optimization Module, Scheduler and Cloud Operations Analytics Module.

Value that we deliver.

  • Capex and Opex reduction by 30%

  • Real Estate Optimization & 2x reduction in carbon footprints

  • 4x Faster Time to Market

  • 10x increase in IT productivity by fixing issues faster

  • 99.99% environment availability

  • Improved VM density by 30-40%

Cloud Migration

All our migration projects involve the following key stages:
  • Assess, design, build, Migrate, support, and Optimize.

  • Through our assessment methodology, we can do lift and shift Application/Database or partially using IaaS, PaaS or SaaS.

  • Develop using IaaS, PaaS or SaaS on AWS, Azure, GCP. PCF, IBM, Oracle and other cloud services.

Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring & Support

  • Organize and optimize infrastructure and manage cost-efficiently.

  • DevOps: 24×7 deployment, monitoring and alerting.

Application / Data Platform Modernization

Modernizing Apps and Data Platform using cloud-native platform services maximize the value of migration.

We are re-engineering the cloud using Cloud Application Services, Microservices, Container Services, Cloud Functions, Kubernetes services and Service Fabric.

Modernize Data Platform to ingest and process petabytes of data at speed into Data Lakes, make use of cloud-native data processing capabilities, analytics platforms, IaaS and PaaS offerings.

Make use of IoT/AIML and Cognitive capabilities to advance to new opportunities.

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