Cloud Native

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Cloud Native

AANNEX’s comprehensive Cloud Native Services help our clients in their innovation journey in both ‘Run’ and ‘Change,’ the core pillars of strategy for our Cloud adoption and transformation. We enable our customers’ future roadmap by building intelligent applications and APIs, using microservices, event-driven architectures and by modernizing the core operations and technology landscape with Cloud Native application development process. We facilitate this by re-factoring, re-platform, re-host and re-architecture using our Cloud Migration factory platform.

Our total solutions and governance process improves the velocity of innovation by developing Cloud-native applications and APIs on serverless platforms such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Functions and Native using our intelligent automation frameworks such as integrated agile DevOps’ and other enablers suite of solutions.

  • Modernize an existing application to make it serverless, a container-based application with automatic scale up and out of resources and services.

  • Manage applications running in Kubernetes containers and using a standard API for communication.

  • Make Security incident management (SIM) and Ease processes using object-level storage for audit and network flow logs. Trigger functions to transfer new logs to your SIM system.

  • Extend SaaS applications with cloud-native qualify the changing business needs of SaaS applications using containers, serverless functions, and APIs.

  • Event Streaming for websites, mobile, and Internet of Things (IoT), AIML to feed data into Streaming, then consume it using log aggregators and autonomous data warehouse, or object storage.

  • Deploy microservices with a converged database and other architectures by exploring the architecture center for reference architectures and solution playbooks on microservices, serverless, CI/CD pipelines, and more.

The Cloud Native Strategy and Roadmap

Careful thought and planning are required for adopting a Cloud Native strategy and roadmap. In the new Cloud Native world, the synergy expected between the business and IT professional requires strong collaboration to assess how the two groups work together while also determining how well the workloads work in the Cloud Native world. The teams will need to prioritize legacy and new/emerging workloads to determine whether those workloads should move towards becoming Cloud-Native or whether they should stay the same.

Cloud-Native Summary

Moving to a Cloud-Native world is no easy feat. Support for microservices and the key elements that embody the characteristics of Cloud Native applications should help move an organization towards a Cloud-Native infrastructure with all the support for security inherent in the product. While adopting Cloud Native applications can be exciting and enable a company to become much more agile, the benefits and challenges of doing so should be carefully addressed to align the Cloud Native strategy.

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