Data Modeler

Data Modeler

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Job Description

As a Data Modeler, you are a data expert in global markets trading systems, driving the modelling of schema design across trading systems + integration services


  • Platform independent skill to understand business and create the database objects (tables and relations that tie those together, typically normalized relational model, ERD, data integrity, keys) that map the business rules into this formalized view

  • Oracle, MS SQL Server, Sybase, mySQL, PostgreSQL skill to bring alive those tables by manipulating the data that live there, whether via stored procedures or triggers, web front end or client server GUI, conversion scripts, ETL, report writing, etc.

  • Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL thorough understanding of how optimizer creates an explain plan, differences between full scans and merge and nested loops, how indices work, engineering approach to influence explain plans, i.e. how to build for scalability and how to improve performance (on many occasions from forever to instant)

  • Platform independent experience to build robust scalable big data systems, based on dimensional modeling that produces user friendly reports and dashboards, ability to convert relational OLTP data into dimensional decision support system via reliable meta driven ETL with extensive logging, OLAP, hierarchies, operational data stores, data marts, data vaults, thorough knowledge of Kimball’s and Inmon’s methodology, denormalization (advantages and drawbacks), star schema, snowflake schema, dimensions and fact tables

  • Data Analysis, Data Mining, Statistics, Data Visualization ability to analyze big data, find the patterns and present those in the meaningful easy to understand way

  • Data migration, conversion, data cleaning – platform independent skills and experience when moving data between legacy and new systems

  • Expertise in modelling trading system data across trading processes, including trade, transaction, event and reference data.

  • Expertise in trading systems platforms, their internal data representations, and their messaging, file and API representations, including Calypso, Murex, Broadridge.

  • Expertise in working with development teams to align their development + testing efforts.


  • Strong understanding of RDBMS • ORACLE ver. 5.0 - 11.0 (SQL*Plus, PL/SQL, stored procedures and triggers, PRO*C, SQL*Loader, Export/Import, Oracle Packages, Report Builder, Developer 2000 (forms and report builder), Explain Plan, Hints, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle Warehouse Builder, Oracle Discoverer, TOAD) • MS SQL Server ver. 7.0 – 2012 (Management Studio, Enterprise Manager, Transact SQL, stored procedures and triggers, DTS, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, OLAP, MDX, security, explain plan, isql, osql, integration with .NET) • Postgre SQL, ver.7.0 - 9.1, plpgsql, dblink, partitioning, copy utility, pgAgent • mySQL, sqlite3, INGRES, MS ACCESS, WATCOM, OASyS, Erwin • SYBASE ver. 4.9 – 11 (Open Client Library, DB-Lib, CT-Lib, S-Designor, bcp)

  • Languages: C/C++, VC++, JAVA, C#, .NET, Objective C, PYTHON, Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, Fortran, Assembler

  • Scripting and Web: UNIX Shell, PERL, PHP, LAMP, JavaScript, VBScript, JAVA applets, Node JS, SOAP Web API

  • Applied Stats Packages and Environments: R, SAS

  • Reporting Tools: Crystal Reports, Business Objects, Oracle Report Writer, Oracle Discoverer, SSRS, Cognos Impromtu, GQL


  • Time Series Databases: PHD (Honeywell), PI (OSI Soft), IP21 (Aspen)

  • Exposure to messaging and API schema implementations

  • Clear, concise, purposeful documentation skills

  • Self-starter, motivated, collaborator

  • Great communicator

  • Demonstrates initiative

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Apply on or Before30 September, 2021

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